Differences between Crystal and Jasper iReports


-JasperReports does not include a GUI designer for reports although you could add iReport. JasperReports and iReport are Java based which is reflected in their expression syntax.
-Crystal Reports has it's own language.

-Crystal has a mature designer that works quite well, and is straight-forward
for non-technical people to use.

Jasperreports is a "backend" library. it integrates well into web applications and can take data from ValueObjects or the database or other data sources.
It exports well into pdf xls etc.

* Covers iReport as an intuitive and easy-to-use visual report builder/designer for JasperReports, written in 100% pure Java
* Shows how users can visually edit complex reports with charts, images, and subreports, as iReport is integrated with leading open source chart libraries for Java

I am attaching word document with more details.
Please add your comments.

[file name=Jasper_VS_Crystal.doc size=45568]http://www.jasperforge.org/components/com_joomlaboard/uploaded/files/Jas...
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This post is ancient... Jaspersoft Studio 6.x.x is available, so there is a GUI designer. In fact, iReport was the GUI designer before that, so the first sentence is inaccurate.

rschreck - 6 years 4 months ago

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