Remove line when NOT Blank?


We have a requirement in our project to display a BOX when the text field is Empty. When the text field is having data, it should not have any border.

I found two options to cater this requirement.

1) "conditionalStyle" - This allows me to conditionally display the border but I have to write style for every textfield in the report. I will not be able to use the Style Template also in this case as conditionalStyle cannot be declared in it.

2) "printWhenCondition" - This option allows me to display a empty Static text field with border whenever the value of the text field is Empty. But problem here is I should have a dummy static text field for every element and have conditions assigned to them.

Is there a elegant way of doing this in Jasper reports?
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1 Answer:

nvenky wrote:
Is there a elegant way of doing this in Jasper reports?


Conditional styles cannot use contextual information about the report elements. If you think this should be supported, please post a feature request.

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