JasperReports Documentation

Public JasperReports documentation is here.

You can also purchase comprehensive documentation of iReport and JasperReports. Recently, JasperSoft announced that Apress, the leading publishing company for programmers and IT professionals, will publish two new authoritative guides to help developers maximize value from JasperSoft open source BI technology: The Definitive Guide to JasperReports, by JasperReports founder and architect, Teodor Danciu, and Lucian Chirita, also The Definitive Guide to iReport by iReport founder Guilio Toffoli. The guides provide comprehensive user-based focus on JasperReports, an open source Java pixel-perfect reporting system, and iReport, a Java rich-client production report designer.

The Definitive Guide to JasperReports:
* Shows the power this open source Java reporting tool has and the ability to deliver rich content onto the screen, to the printer, or into PDF, HTML, XLS, CSV and XML files
* Demonstrates how JasperReports can be used in a variety of Java-enabled applications, including Java EE or web applications, to generate dynamic content
* Teaches you how to create page-oriented, ready-to-print documents in a simple and flexible manner

The Definitive Guide to iReport:
* Covers iReport as an intuitive and easy-to-use visual report builder/designer for JasperReports, written in 100% pure Java
* Shows how users can visually edit complex reports with charts, images, and subreports, as iReport is integrated with leading open source chart libraries for Java
* Demonstrates how the data to print can be retrieved through several methods including multiple JDBC connections, TableModels, JavaBeans, XML, MDX, EJBQL, Hibernate, and so forth

Jaspersoft Business Intelligence Suite Documentation Pack, including JasperAnalysis, JasperServer, JasperReports, and iReport

Current version http://www.jaspersoft.com/documentation14.html

JasperReports & iReport Documentation Pack

Current version http://www.jaspersoft.com/documentation2.html


Current version http://www.jaspersoft.com/documentation5.html


Current version http://www.jaspersoft.com/documentation6.html

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The link you provide to the documentation is broken.

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You may also want to check out the free Jaspersoft Tutorials at http://www.jaspersoft.com/jaspersoft-tutorials.


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