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I have 2 reports - 1 of which is a master which reads records on a master table, the other is a subreport which gets each record in the child table. The subreport contains a subtotal variable, which it passes back to the master report. The master report keeps a running total and displays it at the end.

The problem is that the total at the end does not contain information for the last time the subreport was called.

I have attached an image which shows exactly what I mean - the total at the end is not taking into account the last record and is therefore 15 minutes short.

Am I defining everything correctly?
The running total variable in the master is defined as Calculation type - Sum, Reset Type - Report.

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Added another attachment, this shows what is going on with the Subtotals. The subtotal field is in the ID footer band, am at a loss as to why it's only displaying the previous bands subtotal... [file name=subtotals_error.jpg size=61063]

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