Show Message when no data exists in table

i have created master report with 12 subreports, and for that 12 subreports i am using 12 tables to fill data. Its working fine.

But, my problem is when there is no data in table it is not showing that subreport. so, according to my requirement i have to show column header and after that message "No data Exists.." when there is no data in table.

so, how i can do that..?
its urgent.
please help me.
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1 Answer:

In your subreport do the following

1. Edit -> Report properties

2. Click the "More" tab

3. Set "When no data" to "All sections, no detail".

4. Create a band with a static control that has your no data message.

5. In the bands properties place the following expression

new Boolean($V{REPORT_COUNT}.intValue()==0)
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