Scheduler on JasperETL

Does the Scheduler in JasperETL tool work? If so,can anyone help plz?
Does the tool require any additional files to run the Scheduler?
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7 Answers:

We often use the scheduler function in JasperETL successfully. If you use the scheduler in JasperETL, when you export your jobs you will get a crontab that can be used with Cron. Cron is built into Linux and Unix, and you can use a program like cronw if you are running on Windows.

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Can u throw some more light on how the scheduler works. I tried using scheduler for a job but it was not working for me. Btw I m working on Windows.
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Hello! How can I schedule reports that are made with iReport 2.0.0? Thank you
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Hi iLopez-
The best method to schedule reports creating in iReport is to use JasperServer, which has a built in scheduler for scheduling JasperReports. I recommend downloading JasperServer 2.0.1 at .

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Hi all,

We have more than 20 ETL jobs and it has been scheduled to run uisng crontab.

It works fine only when the jobs are open in the window else it won't. So it requires us to open all the jobs due to this our server CPU usage shoot upto 100%. My question is

1. Why ETL jobs didn't get invoked through crontab when it is closed.

2. Why CPU usage shoot upto 100% when we try to open all the jobs.





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i have also same query that while restarting the etl we have reschedule all jobs , is their any other way. after closing the scheduler tab schedule job should remain display in scheduler tab when we open next time.
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Hi bamazur 
we are awaiting your revert on last post by Hiren555. Please revert ASAP.

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