main report and subreport problem in jasperserver


I want to execute the report from the server.
this report has the 3 subreports.

I have created the main report and 3 subreports using iReport designer.

Through iReport designer the report is executing fine.

Problem :

I placed the main report and 3 subreports into jasperServer. [All .JRXML files has been placed into the jasperserver]



But main report is not executing.

It's giving the exception like

how to define the SUBREPORT_DIR path in main report before placing into the JasperServer.

please help me here,

Thanks in advance,
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1 Answer:

There are several possibilities.
(1) remove the $P{SUBREPORT_DIR} from the subreport path (subreport expression), and also the SUBREPORT_DIR parameter from the set of parameters. As the subreports are in the same location (on JS) as the main report, the subreports should by found

(2) When using the jasperserver-plugin for iReport, you can use drag&drop to place a subreport onto the main report. Then, the URI repo:/path/to/subreport is automatically used. Of course, the repo: URI only works when running the reports from JS, thus, via the plugin, or via the web interface.

Hope this helps,
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