JasperETL and Talend

Are there any functional differences between JasperETL and Talend?
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Hi Peter-
There are currently no functional differences between the Open Source versions of our two products. We will be adding more data warehousing features to JasperETL, but all connectors will be open-sourced and will work in both JasperETL and Talend. We are planning to add integration points between JasperETL and the rest of the suite which will lead to some small functionality differences between Talend and JasperETL, but the basic functionality will likely stay the same.

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Thanks for the info Beth,
I came across two questions comparing JasperETL and TOS and wonder if you could comment.
One - in New Connections - latest version of TOS has Ingres as available source and ETL still does not have it.
Second - when trying to use SQLBuilder under JasperETL - I am not getting anything when clicking on 3-dotted button next to Query (in Properties). It works as expected in TOS.
I wonder if anybody else encountered same problem or this can be investigated from your side.
Thank you,
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Hi Eugene-
TOS and JasperETL are on slightly different release cycles, so that likely explains the discrepancies you are seeing. The Ingres connector will definitely be available in the next release of JasperETL, and I will investigate the issue you are seeing with the SQLBuilder which I haven't encountered before. What OS are you running on?

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