A Urgent Question about Ireport Html Print

Now, I have a trouble which has confused me for a long time, I want to consult who has encountered such a question, please give me some hints or some useful advices,thanks!

In my project, I used ireport as my report tool,after jxml file is compiled to jasper file, I put all these jasper files to my J2ee application. Because I need browse the report result in html format, I must look up all these results in IE, the question is, when I preview the report result in IE, the page break makes some mistake, that is, the correct page can not be broke in IE, a page in ireport may be displayed in two pages through internet explorer. Even it can be displayed in the same page, when the result has too many pages, in certain page, above situation happens again.

Therefore, I want to know, how to chage this in order to make the same effect between ireport preview and IE preview?

Expect to your advices.Thanks!!
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