Variable expression

I want to count the number of row where a fields is equals ="hello". I did a new variabile (type counter) and put in a variable expression something like this:

but it doesn't work: CannotÂcastÂfromÂbooleanÂtoÂObject

What's the problem??
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2 Answers:

There was an excellent post on this just a couple of days ago, but I can't find it.

The crux of the problem is that your comparison results in a primitive boolean result but your variable is defined as an Integer object.

What you need to put in your variable's expression is something like this:

$F{ProtocolName}.compareTo("hello")==0 ? new java.lang.Integer(1) : null

If you wanted to use a Sum variable instead of a counter then your variable's expression would be

$F{ProtocolName}.compareTo("hello")==0 ? new java.lang.Integer(1) : new java.lang.Integer(0)
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You should buy the documentation, it's worth it - saved me a lot of trouble.

Some more info on count: Count will incriment when it reaches any non-null data, therefore you have to use a single line expression to say that if it's NOT equal to your comparison, consider it null.

I like using methods that return a boolean, but depending on what JRE you're using, you'll have to choose your own method. If you're returning a boolean on count simply say:

$F{ProtocolName}.equals("hello") ? "count me" : null

where count me could be literally anything.

On the contrary, if you want to count everything that DOES NOT meet that criteria, simply change it to:

$F{ProtocolName}.equals("hello") ? null : "count me"
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