A question about users and roles in JasperServer


I am trying to create users and roles in JasperServer.
So far I am able to create users and assign them to one of ROLE_ADMINISTRATOR, ROLE_USER, ANONYMOUS_USER.

When I try to create a new ROLE, it is being accepted. But when I assign any user to this new ROLE, it doesn't give access to the reports. I tried with it but failed. Do I need to do something more? Can anyone please help me in this regard? My question is: if I want to create a new role and assign any user to that role, what are the extra things I need to do?

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2 Answers:

I believe you have to adjust a bean at the WEB-INF/application-context-security.xml

The bean is called filterInvocationInterceptor, you can configure the pages the role is able to acces.
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You need to assign users to the role ROLE_USER as well as your new role. That will give them access to the system
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