Where to find more about Subdatasets and Scriplets

I am beginner in iReport, but I think I managed all the basic features such as manipulatong SQL by parameters, subreports, internationalization, running extrnal java code etc. I would like to learn more about these two features - Scriptlets and Subdatasets. Can some free tutorials or examples concerning these features be found somewhere? Thanks.
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2 Answers:

I bought the iReport manual, and there is only 4 pages in there about Scriptlet, no complete example.

I am also looking for an example.
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I third the motion for more scriptlet/subdataset examples. I bought both the iReports and JR Ultimate Guide, and neither have examples of how to make it work.

I'm stuck getting the "Parameter not found : REPORT_SCRIPTLET" error. There's probably a really simple explanation for this, but I can't find it to save my life.

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