using more than one query in a document


I am new to ireports.

I am working on a report in which i wish to use more than one query.

I do not want to use subreports becuz i think subreports are more suited for master-detail kind of reports .

Also my queries are unrelated.

In my report i want to fetch data from different sqls and display them in pageheader,column header etc. , so that the data is displayed just once. I dont want the data to iterate. As it is summary info .

I have worked in Actuate earlier and in Actuate i was able to drop multiple report sections and use as many queries as needed.

Is there any such functionality in ireports.

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1 Answer:

It's not possible to using more than 1 query in a report.
    But you may try:
  • Use ResultSet as data source

  • Use JavaBean as data source...(better)

  • [/ul]
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