Urgent:Jasper report pointing to changed image loc

So sorry but need a quick reply before project submission. I got about 50 jasper files with an image in them. However they have been compiled in such a way that it points to

C:\Documents and Settings\Mr ***\Desktop\Untitled-1.jpg

I cant seem to rename or move the file without getting and error. How can i move the file to somewhere else then link it back. Thank you for your help.
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1 Answer:

The image expression within the jasperreport would need to change to point to the new image in order for it to find the image. If your reports have been compiled to a .jasper file and you no longer have access to the .jrxml file you can re-create the original .jrxml file with the following java code:

 JRXmlWriter.writeReport(jasperReport, "c:\\xml_output_file.jrxml", "ISO-8859-1"«»); </td></tr></tbody></table><br />
<br />
Where jasperReport is the JasperReport object.
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