1.1.0 installation

Hi, I have just made my first installation of JasperIntelligence and have a few questions.

Can't items have labels starting with a number like 1_sales ? When I add a label or a name that starts with a number I get a message saying contains invalid characters!?

Another thing that seems a bit strange when comparing the installation with the install documention is that at least I never get the questions about
Install JasperIntelligence Analysis Components
Enable Web Services Components
Install the iReport Application

Is this just happening on my machine or could it be problems of the release?

Will JasperIntelligence support local characters like åäö?

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3 Answers:

I want to add the scheduler email settings, there are some new fields and I have no idea of how filling them.
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I have not tested the mailing feature of my installation but I try to be of help anyway.

There is an install guide that you may have seen, that is delivered with your installation, it is available in the doc directory, and the guide includes a section about mailing configuration. However the instructions are not completely clear.

I do not exactly remember which fields to fill in to setup the mailing functionality, when running the install wizard, but I try my best to help.

According to the install guide there are 4 fields to fill in:

Hostname: This is probably the value corresponding to the value SMTP Server (look at your e-mail setting in MS Outlook for example)
Email user name: "Obvious"
Email user password: "Obvious"
from e-mail: This is the mail shown as sender of the e-mails sent by the scheduling functionality of JasperIntelligence

But I also remember that the wizard asked for protocol and ports. Regarding port that may differ from email service provider but standard is 25.

When it comes to protocol I keyed in pop3 as protocol.

I hope this is of help but as I mentioned, I have not so far tested my settings.

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Hi Folks,

The two new fields for js.mail.properties (found evenutually in tomcat/webapps/jasperserver/WEB-INF/js.mail.properties) are port and protocol. The only protocol supported "out of the box" is "smtp". The standard smtp port is 25.


protocol=smtp (lowercase)
port=25 (or the port value for your mail server)

mail host=<your.mail.host>

Regarding the installation options, the installer has been streamlines as of 1.1. So perhaps you are using an older version of the install-guide. I will double check the downloadable one on jasperforge documents area just to be sure.

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