Remote Access and Sample Data Import Problem


i am trying to setup JI from the WAR file using the JasperIntelligence-WarFile-Install-Guide.pdf on Tomcat5.5 and i am still having some problems:

1.) i can only see the wep application on the local computer using http://localhost:8080/jasperserver/
using the hostname or ip of the computer instead of localhost doesn't work.. this also means i cannot access it from another computer of the lan... it just says 'this page cannot be displayed'... whats going on?

2.) i cam having trouble installing the sample dataset... when i execute the mentioned ji-import bat it just shows:
C:\Test\JasperServer\scripts>ji-import.bat --import-path=ji-catalog --import-fil<br />
e=ji-catalog.xml  --verbose<br />
Die eingegebene Zeile ist zu lang.<br />
""ji-export-util\cpappend.bat"" ist syntaktisch an dieser Stelle nicht verarbeit<br />
bar.</td></tr></tbody></table><br />
meaning 'The input text is too long ... "..." is not syntactically correct at this position.<br />
<br />
also, i am a total newbie at using JasperReports, what i am trying to do is to make reports available as html or pdf over http so thay can be accessed by a client without jre/jdk installed. as i understand it this will allow me to do something like that, right?<br />
<br />
thanks for any help!
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1 Answer:

1. It sounds like your machine is blocked in some way. Do you have a firewall turned on? Try deploying to a generally accessible server.

2. The import script relies on setting a classpath with a base set of JARs from JasperIntelligence. Depending on where you put the script, the CLASSPATH script variable can get too long for the CMD shell. Try putting the script and the related directories in a path with shorter names.

3. The core functionality of JasperIntelligence is being able to produce reports (HTML, PDF) in a web page.

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