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I have downloaded the jasperintelligence1.1.0-bin.zip from sourcetorge site. I have copied the jasperserver.war file to <Tomcat-dir>/webapps/.

I have created the sample databases also. I have made necessary changes in the configuration files also(catalina/localhost/jasper.xml). But I am not able to get the starting screen of jasperintelligence.

Can anyone help me with a detailed instructions on how to do the installation, and getting the starting page of jasperintelligence?

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I believe there is something missing in install.pdf
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Mohan, you need follow some steps:

1. Create database and import data to mysql using the same database name, user and password define by the jasperserver installation.

2. Copy jasperserver.war file to <Tomcat-dir>/webapps/

3. Copy mysql connector lib to <Tomcat-dir>/common/lib

4. Start tomcat

5. Try to access http://localhost:8080/jasperserver

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