Dynamic height on detail band

Is there a way to set the height of each line in the detail band to be dynamic?

By that I mean I want the height of each line to adjust according to the field that becomes the highest due to the width and amount of text.

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5 Answers:

Assuming you have dynamic text in text fields, you can set the isStretchWithOverflow attribute of the <textField> element to true. This will cause the text field to expand to accomodate the text.

Make sure that any elements below the text field have a positionType of "Float", otherwise the text from the text field will be displayed "on top" of the other elements.

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That did the trick.
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I had a similar problem and this trick worked. Thanks a Ton
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And what about images?

In my detail section, I have either a textField or an image, and I would like to adapt the band height depending on the input (say, 15 if the input is text, 340 if it is an image).

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It also worked for me..


<band height="29" splitType="Stretch">

<textField isStretchWithOverflow="true">
<reportElement x="0" y="3" width="72" height="20" uuid="61b00dae-e05c-4971-a754-f635a3043d57"/>
<textElement textAlignment="Center">
<font fontName="Tahoma" size="10"/>



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