Can Parameters be used in sub-report Report Query?

I am in the process of evaluating iReport/JasterReports and 2 other reporting tools for a new in-house application that I am developing. So far, so good. However I have hit a major roadblock, and only have 1 - 2 weeks max to perform a quick survey of available reporting tools, otherwise I will have to go with another tool by default :-(

In one of my tests, I have been able to construct a master report that shows fields from a master record and calls a sub-report and shows records from a child record in an Oracle DB. The report works well, showing a master record based upon a run-time parameter, and showing all the child records from another table. However, when I attempt to show just the child records based upon the parameter passed to the master record by passing that parameter to the sub-report, and using it in a WHERE clause in the Report Query, the report still shows all the child records:

SELECT service_name_cd, service_start_dt, service_stop_dt,
service_freq_cd, service_duration_cd, service_location_cd
FROM vw_wiser_IEP_service
WHERE wiep_id = $P{p_wiep_id}

The master report has:
- a parameter called: IEP_number
- a sub-report Property / Subreport(Other), with:
Subreport parameter name: p_wiep_id
Default value expression: $P{IEP_number}

I know there has to be a way to do this, but I am just missing it. Could someone explain the error of my ways? I really like iReport, and would like to be able to use it.
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1 Answer:

Everyone, please disregard my posting - the report now works properly!

I have no idea what I might have done to correct it (if 'I' did), as everything looks the same.

Oh well, at least it is working now, and I can proceed with my evaluation.
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