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hopefully someone can help with this problem as I'm losing the will to live! ;)

We have eventually managed to get reports working through Java Servlets and I have just started to build our first proper report.

Part of the report requires me to test if a date is < 3 months from the supplied report parameter date and if it is then make the field blank. Also the expression needs to handle null dates. How on earth do I do this?

I'm not to worried about calculating the difference on the fly as I could easily pass this into the report from my PHP page. I need the expression syntax for something like this:-

(($FieldDate != null) AND ($FieldDate after $3MonthDate)) ? $FieldDate : ""

We are not Java experts so please do not be offended if this is a stupid question. Is it possible to create a class that could manipulate/test dates and call this at runtime using the expression builder?

Thank you in advance.
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