Neebie: build a dynamic table with XML - how?

By: patrick kistler - calmacroi
Neebie: build a dynamic table with XML - how?
2006-03-20 23:49
I'm a neebie to jasperreports/ireport. There is an opportunity to work with xml-data. i just want to create a simple example for a table which has dynamic amount of rows depended on amount of xml-data-rows. does anyone has a
simple example?

i tried to do it with following code:


dataset settings:

- datasource expression: /report/table
- field mappings: /row/cell1 , /row/cell2...

whats wrong?

thanx for any help..
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1 Answer:

record path: /report/table/row
field mappings: cell1 , cell2...

hope it'll be helpful
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