generating reports in jasperserver

By: mardaraj - mardaraj
generating reports in jasperserver
2006-07-12 00:28
i am using jasperserver 0.9.2.
i want to know how the reports are stored for a user?
and how we generating the reports in jasperserver?
Is that creates any instance?
In crystalserver the reports stored in a folder according to the user.
what exactly happens in jasperserver.
and how we r generating reports.

with regards

By: Javy Dreamer - javydreamercsw
RE: generating reports in jasperserver
2006-07-12 05:08
First I suggest to upgrade to JasperIntelligence. It has some stuff that needs taking care of but is working.

If you want a cleaner approach go with jasperserver 0.9.0. The version you are using gave me tons of errors and problems that I didn't got with 0.9.0.

Reports are not stored per user, instead you can give access rights on a per user or per role basis within Jasperserver or JasperIntelligence.

If you mean create when you use generate, we use iReport (1.2.4 + JI plug in works fine) then create the report unit in jasperserver. If using JasperIntelligence the iReport version I mention is able to interact with JasperIntelligence making deployment a breeze.

Instead of instances it is managed by web sessions.

Need more detail of what you want to answer last 2 questions.

Maybe there are some people out there that can give you more detail. I'm just diving in this ocean.
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