Web Services

By: Drooler - bhaugland
Web Services
2006-07-05 07:14
I am trying to connect to Jasper Intelligence via the WebServices.

A couple of questions.
What is the correct URL for the wsdl.

Under .92 I was able to get a wsdl. However I either cannot connect to this server or I get an authentication error that there is no authentication packet in the security context.

Note: I am running Jasper Intelligence 1.0.1 under JBoss. I am trying to connect to the web service via a Weblogic Client.

By: Sherman Wood - sgwood
RE: Web Services
2006-07-09 17:33

Under 0.9.2, we used an explicit login message to authenticate Web services. In 1.0.1, we have moved to HTTP Basic authentication, so the system is trying to authenticate you and failing.

If you want anonymous access for Web services, this can be acheived through configuration of Acegi security. In WEB-INF/applicationContext-security.xml, look at the filterChainProxy bean definition and replace:




for the Web services URLs.

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