"ji-export-util\cpappend.bat" was unexpected

By: ncelq - ncelq
"ji-export-util\cpappend.bat" was unexpected
2006-07-09 10:48
i have trying to install the report server and follow the installation guide:

4.0 Installing the SugarCRM Example Data and Example Reports

db-dump-113005.sql creates the sugarcrm database schema and populates a large

FoodMart-MySQL-032006.sql does the same for a FoodMart data warehouse.

In the scripts directory, run the ji-import utility to load sample metadata.

cd scripts

ji-import.bat --import-path=ji-catalog --import-file=ji-catalog.xml

i have tried to use ji-import.bat to setup the default files, however, the following error happened

C:\JasperIntelligence-1.0.1-bin\scripts>ji-import.bat --import-path=ji-catalog -
The input line is too long.
"ji-export-util\cpappend.bat" was unexpected at this time.

What i should do to solve the problem?

Thank you.

By: Sherman Wood - sgwood
RE: "ji-export-util\cpappend.bat" was unexpec
2006-07-09 11:58

There was a problem in that batch file that was fixed as we built the installers. Here is a patch.

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1 Answer:

where is the patch????!

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