Font location

By: David Lukas - dlukas
Font location
2006-07-09 05:04
what is the correct location for PDF fonts in JasperServer 1.0.1? I've put the required fonts in /fonts subdir in iReport 1.2.4 and the PDF preview works fine. When I run the report on the JasperServer, the PDF export produces the error:

3:45:35,555 ERROR [PdfServlet],http-8080-Processor24:253 - Servlet.service() for servlet PdfServlet threw exception
net.sf.jasperreports.engine.JRException: Could not load the following font :
pdfFontName : arial.ttf
pdfEncoding : Identity-H
isPdfEmbedded : false

I tried putting the font file into various folders of JasperServer, into CLASSPATH and into repository, but to no avail.

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