Save Query to Report Button?

By: mir_shajahan - comp_shajahan
Save Query to Report Button?
2004-10-20 20:34
Hello all...

I am just trying to follow the interactive tutorial on pasing parameter in iReport. I am using iReport 0.4

In the tutorial (Report Query Window) there is a button called [Save Query to Report] and in iReport 0.4 it is [Send to Clipboard].

In my Report Query Window, I have the following SQL:-


It works fine. But when I add in the following SQL:-

WHERE C_Project_ID = $P{C_Project_ID)

it give me this error:

SQL problems:Non supported SQL92 token at position: 60: C_Project_ID

and i cannot click [Save query to Report] because that button does not exist and replace with [Send to Clipboard] button. Is this button are the same function?

Even I cannot click OK button, and have to remove the where clause to continue...thus I cannot create a parameter in my report. What should I do? Can anybody help me on this matter.

Thank you...

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By: mir_shajahan - comp_shajahan
RE: Save Query to Report Button?
2004-10-20 21:07

I test the following SQL code in Report Query Window and it works:-

WHERE C_Project.C_Project_ID = 1000014

But when I want to make the like this:-
WHERE C_Project.C_Project_ID = $P{C_Project_ID}

It wont works and give the follwing error:-
SQLproblems:Non supported SQL92 token at position 70: C_Project_ID

The same thing can I solve this?

By: birdz - birdz
RE: Save Query to Report Button?
2004-10-22 04:34

I think you have to put a "Default value expression" for your parameter. For example : new Double(1.0).
I had the same problem (SQL92 token at position...) and now it works...
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