Custom Incrementer Factory Class

By: chrisliao1224 - chrisliao1224
Custom Incrementer Factory Class
2004-10-05 22:50
In variable modify , there is one of ild ,
call "Custom Incrementer Factory Class" ;
how do i use it ?! how do i import .class that my java code?!
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1 Answer:

Incrementer Factory Class Name

The calculation functions are useful but are also generics and limited to the numeric types. You may have a case where something more specific is needed. Suppose you have a field of type String and you want to concatenate the value read. You can do this by defining a new Incrementer. An incrementer is a piece of java code that extends the interface JRIncrementerFactory, and can build a personalized calculation function to do what you need. Every calculation function receives the expression value and the variable value and returns the result of the increment, so there is everything needed to do the calculation and return the right value.

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