newbie questions

It looks like jasper intelligence is what I need.

I have a couple pre-install questions. Pardon my dumbness, but I am primarily a graphic designer.

I run a shared server for my hosting. I have several accounts on it, I need to have reporting on only a few of these. Can I do this? have a few sites that run JI independant of one another?

Is there a "Installing JI fo complete idiots" kind of guide?

Thanks in advance, ad
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3 Answers:

Check the technical documentation section of this url

hope this helps u

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what about installing it on the serevr and accessing it from different accounts?
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I've run multiple installations on the same linux box with no problems. For each I ran the installer and let it install its own MySQL and Apache-Tomcat. I set up each MySQL on a different port, and after installation, modified each Tomcat config file to run on a different port.

I've also been able to run two instances of JI on a single installation of MySQL and Tomcat, though JI seems to want to be in the root in a webapp named "jasperserver," and any deviation therefrom annoys the heck out of it.

I've also had issues proxying through Apache to JI, which you could use to make sure everyone's still on port 80 no matter how many installations you do. I admit I didn't try very hard at this, because I had other alternatives; you could probably make it work.

Good luck!
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