How to set up a absolute image pathname ?

I am using iReport v1.2.4

I have a report that uses a jpeg image in the title band.
In the image expression field, it ask for a absolute pathname, as in, /home/name/report/.../.jpg

Now, when i move the report to another computer, it becomes invalid. How can i set it up as a relative pathname instead ?

Or if not possible, how do i get around this problem.

Please help.

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2 Answers:

you have a number of options.

but you tell us nothing about your environment,
so i will guess.

1. keep the images in the database & download them when needed
2. keep them in the jar file ,if you are using java
3. distribute them with your app, and pass in a URL to the image area, instead of hardcoding it in the report.

4. tell us more about the environment, to save us guessing
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Setup a parameter like "FILES_ROOT" or something. And have it be passed to the report to specify the root path to the image on each system.'s picture
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