passthru XLS formulas?

By: Darren Hartford - binarymonk
passthru XLS formulas?
2004-01-05 10:33
Hey all,
I've been asked to generate some Excel reports that allow the user to enter additional information and recalculate results on their machine. I would love if JasperReport/iReport could do this already, but I may be asking for too much.

Is it possible to passthru an Excel formula to an Excel Cell? i.e. Create a nice PDF report, but also export out an Excel version with formulas that only exist in an XLS export?

By: Hopoz - hopoz
RE: passthru XLS formulas?
2004-03-18 21:45
I think I may also need to do this for a project i am currently working on. When I do, I would try and find a way to extract the HSSFWorkbook (See Apache's POI) from Jasper and then use the POI library to set formula in the cells. At the moment I think there is only limited support for formulas in HSSFWorkbooks, but I have succesfully used it with atleast simple formulas.
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1 Answer:

Have used Apache HSSF  POI to set formula for cells in jasper report. SUM doesn't works as the cell type is Text .when i convert text field to number manually, formula works on jasper report generated excel.

On iReport tool the field type is set as double but its appearing as text field in Jasper generated Excel file>why ?How to change the cell format from string to double?




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