Multiple Pages for 1 Record *URGENT PLZ*

By: Jared Dreyer - jared_nz
Multiple Pages for 1 Record *URGENT PLZ*
2003-08-21 20:09
Hi there,

I'm trying to display a record over multiple pages(it's a form with lots and lots of txt)

I thought I should be doing this via SubReports but some reasons they are not working, they are not showing up on the pdf after being compiled.

Is there an easier way to do this? am I doing something wrong(most likely..)

Please help this is very urgent.

Thank you, look forward to your solutions.

By: Sohan Kasula - skasula
RE: Multiple Pages for 1 Record *URGENT PLZ*
2003-08-22 11:38
if it's the same record that you want to see over and over again, You can try placing the record in page header or page footer to show up on every page. If it is a long field and you want it to show up completely even if it spills over to next page then place it in the detail band.
if subreport is not showing then check if the subreport is called properly or not. subreport is also a good approach to solve your problem.

By: Jared Dreyer - jared_nz
RE: Multiple Pages for 1 Record *URGENT PLZ*
2003-08-22 21:04
Thanks for your help, we figured out.. that subreports must be in their own groups/bands to work. Once we added subreports to their own groups.. it worked fine.

thanks =]
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1 Answer:

You can use PageBreak just for the content with out fields.

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