Unable to migrate a report from JR 0.55

By: Neil Lamka - neil_lamka
Unable to migrate a report from JR 0.55
2006-06-11 19:02
I have a report that works great using JR 0.55 but never completes when it is converted to JR 1.2.3 and I need some help/advice.

The report is a form that duplicates the contents on the top half and bottom half of the page (so it can be cut in half with one half submitted and the other half kept.

At the moment, the complete form is printed in the Summary band since I need to compute a set of items form the query details in order to fill the form.

The form contains 3 sub reports (in each half so 6 total) where each subreport will return from 1 to 4 lines. I know that in the worst case the results will fit on one page so there is not an issue with the summary band going between pages. An additional complication is that 2 of the subreports sit side by side horizontally on the form.

So the form layout is something like the following

xxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxx
xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxx
[subreport1] [subreport2]

xxx xxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxx
xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx
xxxx [suberport 3 ]
repeated for the bottom of the form

Now, my problem is that this report works just fine with JR 0.55. and loops and never completes when I try to migrate the report to JR 1.2.x. I have no idea why or how to go about tryng to fix it. I've tried to break the report into some bands that does not seem to work properly either for me (or at least I've not figured out how to do it and get any reasonable results. So I'm looking for some help and advice.

Thanks in advance for any input

By: Neil Lamka - neil_lamka
RE: Unable to migrate a report from JR 0.55
2006-06-11 19:04
One additional point, the various items below the subreports are marked as "float" so that they should float to whatever height is necessary (at least it does on JR 0.55).
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