Pagination problem

By: Theo - theofranco
Pagination problem
2006-04-25 05:31
Hi all,

i have a dynamic generated master report with several subreports. All of them are filled just with a map of parameters. I put the elements 'subreport' in the title band of the master report (setting positionType="Float").

Everything works fine until the set of subreports are bigger than 2 pages. The following exception is throw:
Exception in thread "AWT-EventQueue-0" net.sf.jasperreports.engine.JRRuntimeException: Infinite loop creating new page due to column header overflow.
at net.sf.jasperreports.engine.fill.JRVerticalFiller.fillColumnHeader(
at net.sf.jasperreports.engine.fill.JRVerticalFiller.fillReport(
at net.sf.jasperreports.engine.fill.JRBaseFiller.fill(

If I set the report parameter IgnorePagination to false it is printed ok, but of course without pagination.

What am I doing wrong?


By: Theo - theofranco
RE: Pagination problem
2006-05-04 05:02
Please, help me :)

Should I put the subreport elements in another band?

By: Raju - rajum
RE: Pagination problem
2006-05-04 09:23
I have a similar issue.

I use iReport for creating jrxml file, and then using Jasper to export to pdf.
The exception it throws - "net.sf.jasperreports.engine.JRRuntimeException: Infinite loop creating new page due to column header overflow"

It doesn't generate the error always, but only for some input data for report.

I wonder what is the relation between (size of)data and column header overflow.

Any hints to resolving the issue will be greatly appreciated.


By: Theo - theofranco
RE: Pagination problem
2006-05-10 15:29
I change my code to not use column header and put everything that was in the column header to the detail band. But, now the problemn remains with reports bigger than 4 pages. The error message now says that "Infinite loop creating new page due to page header overflow", but i don't even use it!?

I really don't know...

By: Theo - theofranco
RE: Pagination problem
2006-05-11 13:09
Finally everything works fine. I put the elements of my subreport all in the detail band. I don't know why, but now everything works! :)
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