get nested field from a beandatasource

By: subesingh - subesingh1
get nested field from a beandatasource
2006-04-18 07:02

In my report I have used bean as datasource. But in my bean class some of objects are nested. One filed contain the value of another. there is no get method for the field.

For example in my application Meter objects contain the value of SDCode and SDName. Bean class has the get method of meter but there is not get method for sdname and sdcode.

Can any give me idea how to do it.

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1 Answer:


Could you please clarify if SDCode & SDName are public properties of the Meter class? if yes then you can access those propeties by refering to them as 

"meter.sdcode" and "meter.sdname" while defining the fields in the report.



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