print when Expression - groupHeader

By: tomohiro nakaya - nakayatomo
print when Expression - groupHeader
2004-08-19 12:47
please, I?m sorry about my english because I?m brazilian.
I create a variable (java.lang.Integer) to COUNT the records in detail of my report having resetType="Page" - calculation="Count" because this report have a subreport and I want disable the print of the grouHeader when don?t have records of detail in the page. I test this report with ten records and in the first page my variable return 10 and in the others return null so I put the follow expression in my groupHeader band (print when Expression) : new Boolean($V{variable} != null)
and after this the report never show the groupHeader !!
please ! help me ! what did I make wrong ?
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I'm facing the same problem here, Did you ever found a soolution for this??? If so, Could you please share it with me????

Thanks a lot in advenced, I will really appreciate your post...

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