Landscape to Portrait Sub_Report Problem

By: Todd - mrtodds
Landscape to Portrait Sub_Report Problem
2004-05-11 18:00
I have a master Landscape report 792 x 612 that works and prints fine, but I want to call a standard Portrait Sub-Report 612 x 792.

How can I do this? When I try to declare a band height greater than my Page Height it gives me a compile error. Can I change my orientation in the group or band? Any tricks that can make this work?

By: Hopoz - hopoz
RE: Landscape to Portrait Sub_Report Problem
2004-05-12 17:36
If your master report is in lanscape, and your trying to put a full sized portrait subreport "inside" it, its going to break the page and give you problems,

I suggest you make your subreport smaller,or.. place it in the detail band of the master report.?

you could also make your subreport landscape as well, ofcoarse you'll want to remove the page margins etc as well,

Hope this can help in some way.

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1 Answer:

Is there any way to have a master report in portrail and sub report as landscape....

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