Sub-Report Expression

By: Arun Kumar PG - pgarunkumar
Sub-Report Expression
2004-05-03 08:18

Hi all!

I havea vry basic question.

For sub-report expression we have the following five data-types:

<!ATTLIST subreportExpression class (java.lang.String | | | | dori.jasper.engine.JasperReport) "java.lang.String"

I understand the JasperReport type. Does other types means pointing to ".jasper" sub-report file ?

Thankz in adv.

By: Darran Smith - darrans
RE: Sub-Report Expression
2004-05-04 06:09
I've used the java.lang.String in this way (just provide the name of the .jasper file and ensure it is in your classpath). Can't say about the others, but I guess so.
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