Urgent question on Detail Band...

By: David Lim - aberrant80
Urgent question on Detail Band...
2004-03-02 19:45
Is it possible to set column count = 1, column width to say 300, and the remaining 200 column width be dedicated to static text?

So essentially, I'll have 2 columns. 1 is a table of data (the normal detail and fields, while the other is static text.

Will the static text get repeated if i insert it into the detail band?

If so (which I suspect), how can I overcome this limitation? I need to have a table of data, then preferably some text or description and an image or two next to the table (wtih various vertical alignment).

Please help... greatly need and appreciate them. Thanks alot in advance.

By: Chuck Deal - cdeal
RE: Urgent question on Detail Band...
2004-03-03 04:59
Could you use the <background> tag to put your static text on the page? Then you could just make sure that you didn't put items in the detail band that would overlap the static text.

By: David Lim - aberrant80
RE: Urgent question on Detail Band...
2004-03-03 18:48
oh, i could put text in the background? it's not just for putting some background image? i see. it won't appear faded or anything right?... hmm.. something to think about. thanks!

i was wondering if i should create a separate JasperDesign (cos i have to do things dynamically) and then insert as a subreport.
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