How to print a group once per page?

By: Ramiro P. Magalh㥳 - ramiromagalhaes
How to print a group once per page?
2005-08-01 12:49
I'm working on a report which has a group that must be printed before the detail band and only once per page for all the report's pages. How can I do that?

By now, I tried to use a variable that counts the amount of detail bands printed on each page. This variable is configured to reset to zero on every page. The "print when expression" of the group checks when this variable equals zero. Although this logic seems fine to me it's not working.

By: Ashraf Fouad - modulo2
RE: How to print a group once per page?
2005-08-02 22:56
Set the following group attribute to true:

if u r using ireports 0.5.0 for design, u will find it in:
"Groups" button in toolbar -> click group name -> modify -> check "Print header on each page"
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