"The Ulimate Guide" - please

By: mccools - jc_mccauley
"The Ulimate Guide" - please
2005-06-29 12:11
Would someone out of sheer kindness email me the PDF guide...

surprisingly, I am facing a situation of bad specs and no time, imagine....

heold onto the email so I can return the favor!

By: Bob Withers - bwit
RE: "The Ulimate Guide" - please
2005-06-29 13:12
It's unfortunate that the guide is not currently available for purchase but piracy doesn't seem to be the answer. Perhaps Teodor would consider putting the old version back up with an option for a free upgrade when the new version is available.


By: Me_ - black_lotus
RE: "The Ulimate Guide" - please
2005-06-30 07:08
Yes, I've been waiting for the new guide for a while now. Putting the old one up would be a good idea.

By: mccools - jc_mccauley
RE: "The Ulimate Guide" - please
2005-06-30 07:46
Thanks Bob for the lesson in morality. I think Piracy is certainly the wrong word, I don't want to steal the product, I want to use the product and add to the community, who knows, perhaps even one day I can help you Bob, all you have to do is ask.

How about I make a donation to the project on your behalf, as the JasperReports gendarme!!

bon chance et merci!!

By: Teodor Danciu - teodord
RE: "The Ulimate Guide" - please
2005-06-30 08:01


Updating the guide is now our Number One priority.
We'll try to do our best and make it available as soons
as possible since this issue starts to heat things up
on the forums.

Thank you,

By: Bob Withers - bwit
RE: "The Ulimate Guide" - please
2005-06-30 16:09

Look, I wasn't accusing you of anything. I'm sure if the Guide was available you would buy a copy. My point is that the fact that it isn't available doesn't make it right for someone who has purchased a copy to send it to you.

Asking someone to send you a copy of a commerical product is piracy - that is exactly the right word.

BTW - I'd be happy to have your help and would return the favor if I could.

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