Jasper in a real life application

By: Igor Tsinman - itsinman
Jasper in a real life application
2004-05-17 10:14
Is anybody using Jasper as a part of the commercial product ?
We are planing to use Jasper in our J2EE application so we've spent some time evaluating it.In doing so we found couple of serious problems. We posted questions here but did not receive any answers.
Problems /bugs that we faced are quite serious - missing records in the resulting output, overlapping of the sub reports , etc .At the same time they appear in the areas that are not uncommon in the real life application. These facts make us worry that we are trying to use product that is not ready for the prime time yet :(
Is it a right conclusion ?
Any response is appreciated.

Thanks in advance

By: apratimk - apratimk
RE: Jasper in a real life application
2004-09-22 23:59

I am newly joined member to this mailing list thats why perhaps i have not seen ur problems.
But we are using a jasper report in a commercial J2EE project which generated HTML and PDF reports as welll which contains lots of complex reports e.g. subreports and also some type of cross Tab reports as well.
But we have found no problems with Jasper Reports
uptill now .
I think it is perfectly safe to use JAsper Reports in Commercial J2EE application also there are lot may features with it and the most Strong point is that we can call Function written in Java Class from jasper report also there are lot many visual designer tools available for jasper reports so i don't think there is any problem.
Also u can see some of the Sample Report which are there on this site .
If there are any queries feel free to post here ..

By: Maxim - lazy-max
RE: Jasper in a real life application
2004-09-23 03:36

If you not seen any urgent problems in jasper see this topic:

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