Display Chinese error in JFreeChart ,ok in JR

By: zhang wan - iamlittlebean
Display Chinese error in JFreeChart ,ok in JR
2004-01-13 03:43
I have searching the posters before, but I am still puzzling.

It is strange that under Windows they both ok.
I import and implement the JFreeChart in JasperReport, and then
both display Simplfied Chinese Ok.

When under linux, after importing the iTextAsian.jar , setting the X11 enviroment, setting the encoding when connecting DB and revsing the encoding format in xml file , Chinese in JapserReport display ok, while
Chinese in JFreeChart, for example : x axis, y axis lables and Legends
display error.

I check the fonts under $JAVAHOME/jre/lib , but I do not know which font I should add, since I use the default font in JFreeChart.
I do not know the default font for Chinese is which one.
Can you tell me that?

Is there any different requirements for the display of Chinese in JasperReport and JFreeChart? Need I do anything else for JFreeChart?

Thanks a lot!
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