Any expiruiance arround BUG

By: tone zalokar - tonez0
Any expiruiance arround BUG
2004-08-19 08:06
bug id:1009884
title: Error calculating SUM variable fields through more groups
attach files are located in bug session: example from NORTHWIND

In same cases You have to SUM calculated variables.
For example calculate field in group band with SUM
expression of the fields in detail band and then sum
those variables together in next group. In those cases
You got wrong resulrs.
for example : (v... - variable, f... - field)
first group
v1=f1*f2 ;
second group
v2=sum od v1 is wrong
v2=f1*f2 is OK, can't use always this way

I attach example made in nortwind for beter
Observe report elements variables G1,G2,G3!
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