csv and extra commas???

By: hammad - hammad4u
csv and extra commas???
2005-03-16 08:20
Hi All
when i try to export my data as csv, the jasper report insert some (1 or 2) extra comma's between some fields. Due to this its not possible to parse data according to some format. If you have any idea then please help.

By: hammad - hammad4u
RE: csv and extra commas???
2005-03-22 01:55
i just left aligh each field by right click option of openreport designer. now its not putting extra comma's in csc files. i don't know the exact reason.

By: spreadshirt.com - spreadshirt
RE: csv and extra commas???
2005-03-29 01:51
I think the problem is, that JasperReports tries to export the Report in the really same format in every output-type ...

It shall look similar in everey format ... pdf shall look like html ... thats clear ... but csv and xls shall also look like html or pdf ... thatsway the "placeholder" to "format" the csv to look like html or pdf where integrated in the csv-output ...

If you set textfields in the report, which left or right edges are not at the same position, or if there is one field, which has the double size of the two columns in the next row ... then severals commas will be used to format the output ...
I think the same thing could be happen, if you have a large title with edges which "conflict" with the other fields ...

The insertion of seperate commas during the csv-export makes in my opinion no sense ... but its tha way JasperReports do this export ...
I think there are (at least one) exporterclass(es), which implement another export-strategie fpr csv ... I thought i've read about in another forum ... but i don't find the exporter in the web ...

have a lot of fun with trying to search a solution ;-) ...

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