Bug in PrintWhen

By: Tullio Bettinazzi - tullio0106
Bug in PrintWhen
2004-04-27 03:39
I've some problem in using the <printWhenExpression> to hide a field according to some logic.
I made a master-detail report. it has only one column and I put the field I want to hide/display in the column footer (I used the column footer because I want to display the field value at the bottom of tha page, above the page footer). I would like to display the field following all the records of the detail. If I have only one page it works. With more than one page I obtain my field to be displayed at the bottom of each page.
So I tried to write a <printWhenExpression> using the built-in variables, like this:

<![CDATA[new Boolean($V{PAGE_COUNT}.intValue() == $V{REPORT_COUNT}.intValue())]]>

assuming that REPORT_COUNT contains the total count of the records of my detail, while PAGE_COUNT contains the count of the records till current page.
This expression doesn't work and I obtain my field to be printed on each page.
Does someone knows the correct way to do this?

By: Teodor Danciu - teodord
RE: Bug in PrintWhen
2004-04-27 05:43


PAGE_COUNT counts for the number of records on the
current page, not till the current page.

In fact, you want to print something at the bottom
of the last page.
This has been treated before. Search the forums for
the "bottom last page" keywords.

Thank you,
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