Errors were encountered when compiling report

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Errors were encountered when compiling report
2004-04-20 05:26
my report project is part of my project. and implement the report through the JasperReport Engine in Java swing.
client application download to the local host by java web start,and run . my report template file (some *.xml file) locate on the server(not the local host). the client can crorrectly load the template file.However , when the client complie and fill the template file through the JasperReport Engine, the Exception is happening. the error message is following:
dori.jasper.engine.JRException: Errors were encountered when compiling report expressions class file:
D:\hz05300_view\OMC_LocalView\hz05300_view3\OMC-O\Client\ package dori.jasper.engine does not exist
import dori.jasper.engine.*;
D:\hz05300_view\OMC_LocalView\hz05300_view3\OMC-O\Client\ package dori.jasper.engine.fill does not exist
import dori.jasper.engine.fill.*;
D:\hz05300_view\OMC_LocalView\hz05300_view3\OMC-O\Client\ cannot resolve symbol
symbol : class JRCalculator
when i run the swing client on local host ,but not through the Java web Start download from the server, the report can crorrectly run. and the report template file can be complied and filled crorrectly.

how to resolve the problem? maybe it jasperreport lib's path error?
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