Print summary at the bottom of the last page

By: Saravanan - sarmal
Print summary at the bottom of the last page
2004-04-13 11:14

Dear Sir ,

we are using jasper reports for the past 2 months

In a report we have designed , we want the summary part to be displayed at the bottom part of the last page .

but it doesn't came like that , instead it came after the end of the details section ( may be at the middle of the last page continued after the detail section ).

how to set the summery part so that it can be displayed at the end of the last page only .

By: David Lim - aberrant80
RE: Print summary at the bottom of the last p
2004-04-14 01:03
The only way to do that is to use the page footer band, rather than the summary band and use a printWhenExpression to control it. I used a scriptlet to determine last page. I think there may be a way to avoid using a scriptlet but i've already done it.

Try to search for this check-for-last-page thing and you'll find some answers.
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