PDF and charts.

By: pvs - parashars
PDF and charts.
2004-04-08 16:13

I am building a report that has couple of charts. Those charts are embedded as Images and the report is always exported in PDF format. What I am trying to do is instead of embedding charts as images I want to create the charts on PDF document directly. Why I want this cause if the chart is embedded as an image then quality of the graph (look and feel) is compromised. It gets distorted when the report is zoomed.

I tried a small program using iText and JFreeCharts to create a chart on the PDF document directly and the result was fabulous. The chart could be zoomed without compromising the quality and also the prints were very nice. I am trying to achieve the same thing in my report.

Any help is appreciated.

By: David Lim - aberrant80
RE: PDF and charts.
2004-04-12 21:39
Since you've already tried that, might as well stick with that. JasperReports also uses iText and JFreeCharts, but does not directly support the charting. So in short, you can't insert it except as an image.

By: Lars Kristensen - llk
RE: PDF and charts.
2004-04-12 23:07
Or if you are willing to use at patch - see the Vector Graphics patch in the patch section.

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