Dynamic Images path

By: Nick - nbernierpq
Dynamic Images path
2003-06-25 10:56
Hi, I'm trying to send the images path in parameters. I use
<imageExpression class="java.lang.String"><![CDATA["$P{ImagesDir} + ReportLogo.gif"]]></imageExpression>. But can't make it work. I always have the the exception : Image not found : ((java.lang.String)parameter_ImagesDir.getValue()) + ReportLogo.gif

What is the right syntax? Can somebody help me please.

By: Chuck Deal - cdeal
RE: Dynamic Images path
2003-06-25 11:10
Your quote is in the wrong place.

$P{ImagesDir} is a variable...the proper syntax should be:

$P{ImagesDir} + "ReportLogo.gif"
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