Thread Safety in JasperReports

By: Evan Wise - evan_wise
Thread Safety in JasperReports
2003-11-20 17:24
Hello Teodor, all,

First off I am quite impressed with the quality of JasperReports. It does what we need it to (after I figured out how to generate the XML) and works quickly.

Now, I have been trolling the forum's, as well as the source, for details on the thread safety of JasperReports. I can say from my initial study of both that having multiple calls to .fillReports(...) should be safe; however, I would appreciate a definative answer regarding this safety.

Given the number of times this question seems to be asked perhaps a note in the documentation on the website would assist people.


By: Teodor Danciu - teodord
RE: Thread Safety in JasperReports
2003-11-28 14:01


The JasperReports engine was designed
with thread safety in mind.
Normally, filler classes are not shared between threads and calling the fillReportXXX() methods or any other method of the facade manager classes should
be safe.

Good luck!
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